Welcome to the online portal for Luxury Glass & Hardware, the leading provider of the finest interior architectural hardware and glass systems available in the Canadian marketplace. 

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Cabinet Hardware, Door Pulls & Handles, Sliding Barn Door Hardware


Pivot Door Hardware, Pivot Hinge Systems, Pivot Walls


Modern Interior Ladders, Shower Glass Hardware, Sliding Door Hardware


Door Hardware Accessories, Pivot Door Hardware, Pivot Hinge, Sliding Door Systems, Swinging Door Hardware, Wall Divider Systems

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We are designers, technical advisors, fabricators and a resource for the finest glass and hardware systems.

We want to help designers to be innovative.

Luxury Glass & Hardware was founded as a collaboration between a designer with over 20yrs of global experience in corporate|commercial, high-end residential, multi-family, retail and the hospitality sectors, and the owner of a leading, Toronto-based glass fabrication and installation company, who through their work together recognized the need for innovative, high-quality hardware and fittings in the national marketplace.

Through a methodical process of sourcing and testing products from predominantly small, focused manufacturers, they have curated a very select line of architectural hardware and glass, providing Canadian architects and designers access to the finest products and materials available.

With a combined 50+ years in the industry, the leadership team at Luxury Glass & Hardware can provide both technical and creative guidance for virtually any application a designer can dream up.  Let your imagination run wild.

Explore new ideas.

We want to help designers think differently about the design of interior environments, using the finest architectural hardware available in the marketplace.  Hardware need not be simply a means to latch a door, but instead, can be used to define and brand interior spaces, build flexible working environments, intermingle the notion of partitions and doors, and create unique and one-of-a-kind living spaces.

We welcome the opportunity to help architects and designers explore new ideas.

Our lines of hardware are used by many trusted brands and firms.


We have a passion for creativity, uniqueness and quality.

This says it all.  Sourcing the finest architectural hardware and glass systems to help architects and designers build their creative potential.