Luxury Glass & Hardware was established in response to a demand from architects, designers, builders, business owners and homeowners for premium, modern, and innovative hardware and glass systems.  Building upon 30 years of experience in the Canadian market supplying glass and hardware to a broad customer base, Luxury Glass & Hardware sought out the highest-quality manufacturers and suppliers, curating a unique collection of products previously unavailable.
Having the ability to provide a stunning range of products in addition to design consultancy, technical guidance and a variety of options for turnkey fabrication and installation of innovative design solutions across Canada, Luxury Glass & Hardware is the leading source of the finest architectural glass and hardware.


We Innovate.

Luxury Glass & Hardware was founded as a collaboration between a designer with over 20yrs of global experience in corporate|commercial, high-end residential, multi-family, retail and the hospitality sectors, and the owner of a leading, Toronto-based glass fabrication and installation company, who through their work together recognized the need for innovative, high-quality hardware and fittings in the national marketplace.

Through a methodical process of sourcing and testing products from predominantly small, focused manufacturers, they have curated a very select line of architectural hardware and glass, providing Canadian architects and designers access to the finest products and materials available.

With a combined 50+ years in the industry, the leadership team at Luxury Glass & Hardware can provide both technical and creative guidance for virtually any application a designer can dream up.  Let your imagination run wild.


Online, we are limited in what we can illustrate as possible applications.  We encourage you to share your design concepts with us, to see what we can make happen.  We can offer the technical support directly from the manufacturer to make your ideas a reality.

Feel free to send us your sketches, drawings and big ideas and let us help create solutions.

Have a design or application question?


We are designers, technical advisers, fabricators and collaborators.


We Have a Passion for Style

We believe that functional does not have to mean basic, or simply utilitarian.  In our quest to source high quality and high performance architectural hardware, our goal has been to find products which are beautiful and enhance the environments in which they are featured.