ASTEC-DESIGN gmbh: innovative partitioning, sliding door and pivot hardware systems

Innovative product designed, engineered and made in Germany


Outstanding German-engineered stainless-steel barn-door and pivot hinge systems, unique frameless sliding door system, a distinctive heavy-duty caster and track, and an innovative partitioning system unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Innovative product designed, engineered and made in Germany.



astec s.200 partitioning system

Innovative and incredibly versatile, the s.200 Partition System provides almost unlimited opportunities to create walls, cubicles, partitions and other space-dividing assemblies for commercial, hospitality, health-care and residential applications. 

  • Versatile frameless wall system utilizing fixed glass dividers and pivot hinge doors.
  • Options for laminated safety-glass panels are virtually limitless – allowing designers and fabricators to create branded and colour-coordinated environments.
  • Product is straight-forward, comprised of just a few elements.  Very sturdy and unbelievably flexible, the system assembly components include special clamp fittings, door pivots, stabilizing rods, hinges and floor mounts.  Stainless steel fittings are durable, hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for commercial, hospitaity and healthcare settings.
  • No drilled holes are required for installation of the partition system, with the exception of holes required in the door panel for the latch and in the dividing wall for the latch catch.
  • Optional hold-open and closer hardware.
  • Completely customizable and can be reconfigured.  Limited by your imagination.
  • With so many variations on how to configure, contact us with your questions on layout design and the specification of product.


astec b.400 and b.410 sliding door and panel hardware systems

Systems b.400 and b.410 are designed for a wide variety of applications requiring sliding partitions, room dividers or movable wall panels, where a minimal aesthetic is ideal and limiting site conditions do not allow for major structural revisions to existing construction. Utilizing an integrated floor track and precision bearings, the roller mechanism transfers all weight to the floor, eliminating the need for complex, overhead structural support to carry the weight of a conventional sliding door system…suited for either large-scale panels or heavy materials.  An ideal solution for retrofit, commercial and residential applications.

  • System is rated up to an astonishing 1760 lbs for System b.400 and 660 lbs with System b.410 (per set of wheels).
  • Solid stainless steel with integrated precision bearings and concealed fasteners.
  • 2 configurations available, depending on design requirements: 4.7" or 6.3" dia.
  • Designed for use with glass or solid panels from 3/8" to 2" thick.  Contact us with your questions on material options, or how to correctly specify.
  • Slim profile allows for multiple bypass panels with minimal clearance.
  • Optional dampening closer system available, with panels up to 440lbs.
  • Designpreis Deutschland Award; Industrie Forum Design Award.


Technical Documents for System b.400 + System b.410
Installation Instructions for System b.400 + System b.410



astec b.500, b.510 and b.520 pivoting door hardware systems

The b.500, b.510 and b.520 pivot hardware systems provide discrete and recessed mechanisms for pivoting glass or wood doors, and can be combined with accessory astec product for a coordinated aesthetic.

  • 2 available profiles: System b.500 = rounded and System b.510 = rectangular.
  • 2 available systems: b.500 & b.510 for glass and b.520 for wood panel doors.
  • Concealed fasteners.
  • Rated up to 300 lbs per door.
  • b.500 & b.510 designed for glass panels from 3/8" to 3/4" with a maximum panel width of 48".
  • b.520 designed for solid panels with a minimum thickness of 1-5/8”and weight up to 265 lbs. The offset pivot location makes it virtually invisible.
  • Panel rotation to 180° - can be prepared for a floor closer mechanism. Optional transom pivot may be available, depending on the installation.
  • Optional transom or floor closer available.
  • Suitable for both single and double door, all-glass installations.


astec b.700 sliding door and panel hardware system

System b.700 has been designed in a minimalist aesthetic, versatile on residential and commercial installations for privacy doors, room partitions, shower enclosures, furniture, cabinetry and wardrobe applications.  Low profile and smaller-scale, the rail and runners can be designed in a variety of configurations for straight, L-shaped and even curved layouts. 

  • Rated to carry a panel up to a 220 lb.
  • Minimalist in appearance with concealed fasteners, for a refined and streamlined aesthetic.
  • Designed for glass panels from 3/8" to 1/2" and solid panels of at least 1-1/4”
  • Small-scale 2-1/4" dia. wheels with 2 options for rail height:  2” or 1-1/4”. 
  • Polyamide track surface ensures smooth and quiet glide.
  • Integrated, infinitely adjustable door stop.
  • Complimentary accessories available to complete the look.


astec b.800 sliding door and panel hardware system

An easy-to-configure surface-installed modern barn door system consisting of runners, brackets, rails and supports, for glass or solid panels.  Multiple mounting configurations provides numerous opportunities to create custom sliding panels systems for door and partitions.

  • Rated to carry up to a 260 lb panel.
  • Designed for glass panels from 3/8" to 1/2" and a minimum thickness solid panel of 1-1/4".
  • Can be configured to wall-mount or ceiling-mount, and can be installed as multiple-track layouts.
  • integrated door stops.
  • Red Dot award winner.  Designpreis Deutschland Award.

      Red Dot Design Award   


DOWNLOAD: Technical Documents for System 800

DOWNLOAD: Installation Instructions for System 800



astec b.1000 sliding door and panel hardware system

The b.1000 is a remarkable sliding door system designed to provide versatile room design and a multi-functional layout of interior spaces.  Fully supported by an under-floor track, this systems permits large, frameless panels to glide effortlessly, and can be combined to allow for multiple panels to bypass and stack in a single cluster.

  • Rated to carry a panel up to approximately 200lb/ft (300kg/m).
  • High weight rating allows for virtually any-sized panel, limited by the stability of the material.
  • Aluminum extrusion with minimally visible wheel system embedded into a 1”w x ¼” roller track.
  • Frameless system provides for clear glass spans in a virtually invisible u-channel, with minimal visual breaks.
  • While designed for glass panels from 3/8" to 3/4", possibly wider for other materials, allowing for unique combinations of finishes.
  • Weight of system carried by the floor, with simply a guide track in the ceiling – no complex structural support overhead is required.
  • Ideal for corporate/commercial, hospitality and residential applications.
  • Optional ceiling-mounted damper is available.
  • Red Dot award winner.

Red Dot Design Award


DOWNLOAD: Technical Documents for System b.1000

DOWNLOAD: Installation Instructions for System b.1000



astec accessory products

  • astec provides numerous complimentary products to complete a coordinated installation, including:  pulls, knobs, locking mechanisms for both glass and solid-panel doors, door stops, clamps, and much more.
  • Alignment of aesthetics, finishes and ease-of-installation ensure a completed project look.
  • Contact us for assistance in completing a project specification.



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